Here are a few samples of past projects I worked on:


NFDPC English to French translation of the Nsiesi’s Foundation’s website.
The Nsiesi’s Foundation was established as a nonprofit organization, for the sole purpose of saving millions of lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, by preventing disease and promoting good health throughout the country.

INLYNK English to French translation of Inlynk’s website and software manuals.
INLYNK Software is a Software Solution provider for the Electronic industry. Their flagship solution Optymo is a feature-rich resource management solution to support and enhance the prototyping and manufacturing processes of the industry.

LifeCell English to French translation of LifeCell’s website and marketing material.
LifeCell is a brand belonging to South Beach Skincare, which sells anti-aging treatments throughout the world.

lifestyle English to French translation of Lifestyle DMC’s website.
Lifestyle DMC is a travel agency, organizing corporate events in Barcelona and Madrid.

Captioning / Subtitling

 French captions and English subtitles for some of Norman’s videos.
Norman is a well-known comic French YouTuber.