To receive a cutomized quote, please give me as much information as you can on your project.

1) What is the service you’re looking for (translation, proofreading, captioning, subtitling or transcription)?
2) What language (French or English) or language pair (English to French, or French to English)?
3) What kind of source file (word document, PDF, presentation, website, video…)?
4) What kind of products/services do you sell?
5) When do you need the work completed?

For translation and proofreading projects:

How many words does the source text contain approximately?
Instead of counting the words, you can use a free tool here.

For captioning/subtitling projects:

How long is the video?
How many videos do you have?
Do you have any requirements (limit of characters per line, time limit, …)?
Please send me a sample, so I can assess the sound quality.

For transcription projects:

How long is the audio?
How many people are speaking?
Do you need time codes? If yes, when (every minute, each time the speaker changes…)?
Do you have a sample transcription I can use, to respect the format you want?
Please send me a sample, so I can assess the sound quality.

Payment Terms

If you’re a client on Upwork, you can directly pay me there, through the Escrow.

If not, I accept payment through Paypal. Note that I will ask for a 50% advance, before starting the work. Payment can be done in US Dollars or in Euros.